• Saturday , 28 January 2023

Majority of Canadians want to see changes to our electoral system

Dear Editor,

We are not full of hate. Literally millions of Canadians disagree with many of the decisions made by our political leaders today, but that does not mean all those people are full of hate. It’s common knowledge the majority of Canadians want to change our electoral system, and that the majority of those people want some form of a proportional ballot. When Trudeau broke his promise to give us that ballot, a lot of people were, and still are, upset, some may even be angry, but to suggest they are full of hate would be overstating it. Trudeau also kept stalling the construction of the Trans-Mountain pipeline, and then arbitrarily just bought it with our tax dollars, without any public consultation or debate in our parliament, and again, a lot of people were upset, maybe even angry, but being full of hate is an entirely different frame of mind. Successive federal governments have opened our borders for literally millions of refugees and migrants, legal and illegal, against the will of the majority of Canadians, and again causing a lot of people to be upset. When people express concerns about those high levels of immigration and how they impact on our society, those expressions have little to do with racism and bigotry, but everything to do with how many of them are perceived not be able to assimilate into our socio-economic society, and become serious social and financial burdens. A lot of Canadians are very concerned that while billions of dollars are being spent, there are still no logical, sensible solutions in sight, short or long-term, adding to the frustration. Our governments continue to make major decisions without consulting the people, and many of those decisions are against the will of the majority of these people, and their reactions have very little to do with racism, bigotry, or hate. In reality, what millions of Canadians are experiencing is an unprecedented level of frustration, as our system of government has become a political train-wreck, and not a single party with the ambition and conviction to stop it.

Andy Thomsen, Kelowna

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