• Thursday , 1 December 2022

Editor’s Desk: Peachland has community spirit

Eric Hall

Peachland View

Sometimes things happen that make you shake your head and the defacing of our mural on Beach Ave was such an event. It was damaged last year and then in the summer many good people worked hard to restore it, putting in 172 hours of effort. And then in October it was spoiled again. This was not tagging or a graffiti artist; it was pure vandalism. And the paint that was used is very difficult to remove. Peachland Community Arts Council President, Deborah Livingstone, told me just how difficult it will be. First paint thinner will be applied and then a cleaner. Then the area will be coated with a primer before it is repainted. The final layer will be a sealant to better protect the mural in the future.

Deborah has written a letter in today’s View, thanking those who helped to raise money and since she wrote her letter another $50 has been donated. This just shows what a wonderful community spirit we have here.  Dave Johnston raised money with the help of staff at our local credit union, Vantage One, and Jean Saul presented a cheque from the Legion. In the same week we can see the results of the volunteer efforts of the Peachland Sportsmen’s Association; it makes you proud to live in Peachland.

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