• Saturday , 28 January 2023

New ways to engage with your community

If you looked at the top left hand section of this page, you may have noticed something new this week – that’s because we’ve added a weekly online poll to our editorial page.

I recently had the opportunity to fill in for a vacationing editor at one of our sister publications so I spent a few weeks in Jasper at the Fitzhugh newspaper, which is where I borrowed the idea from. They get a lot of engagement with their online polls and I hope this is something that will catch on in Peachland as well.

While letters to the editor can be a good way to gauge public opinion, usually people only write to their local newspaper when they feel strongly about something. That leaves out a huge section of the population who probably have opinions about what’s happening in their community, but for whatever reason don’t feel the need to have those opinions publicized.

That’s where I’m hoping our online poll might come in.

This week’s question asks: if Peachland had direct bus service to Penticton would you use it?

I’m sure transit operators have ways of calculating how much participation they can expect from the public, but I expect a lot of citizens would be interested to know how other people get around and what sort of demand there is in the community for improved public transportation.

Our poll is posted on the Peachland View’s Facebook page and has only been up for a couple of days, but as of press time, almost 200 of you have voted. If you’d like to share your opinion with us, I’d encourage you to go online and vote each week. If you vote in our poll, we won’t share your name unless you leave a comment.

If you’d rather not vote in our poll, that’s okay too.

There’s another way to engage with your community that not everyone knows about – the Good Neighbour Award. This week Tim Stubbert was the first recipient of the award. Those of you who know Tim know there are few citizens in town more deserving. Congrats, Tim!

I hope some of you will be inspired to nominate a deserving neighbour for this award. I understand the municipality will consider a citizen for the Good Neighbour Award once each quarter and I look forward to sharing the news with the community when this award is bestowed on another good citizen.

By Joanne Layh

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