Passion4Art show at 50+ Activity Centre attracts 400+

Passion4Art held a successful art show in the 50+ Activity Centre on Saturday, July 13 – 14. More than 400 people visited the show, signing the guest book with complementary comments.

The hall was absolutely full of artwork. The 24 exhibiting artists, members of Passion4Art Friday art class held at the 50+ Activity Centre and taught by Roberta Farrelly, had created works in acrylics, colour pencils, pastel, pottery water colour and mixed media.

Entertainment and activities were provided both days.

Terry Moore spent both days demonstrating his sculpting skills to a rapt audience. He also displayed a number of his sculptures and paintings.

On Saturday, many of the visitors to the show spent three fun hours watching three artists named Troika paint a picture together (and at the same time). Then they spent more time searching for Troikas signature figure “3” hidden in the painting. Troika are Louise McIntosh, Susan Driussi and Susan Haglund.

On Sunday we had an interactive activity based on the saying, “no man is an island.” We took a large frame and created 73 pieces. Everyone got the chance to paint one of the pieces using a wide range of colours except red and black. One shape was painted with those two colours only. When all the pieces were painted, we assembled the picture. Even the odd shape blended with the others, showing that we all fit into life’s pattern, no matter our individual skills, introvert tendencies, locomotive abilities, social standing. Whatever we are or do, we fit in somewhere.

Patti Howe of West Kelowna won the door prize, a painting by Roberta Farrelly.

By Heather Yeats



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