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Letters to the Editor: June 28

Dear Editor,

Peachland is incredibly fortunate to have our bat population, housed in the Visitor Centre/Art Gallery building (the old schoolhouse).

I recently read (Mother Earth News online) how one bat can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes and other insects in an hour, and usually 6,000 to 8,000 each night.

Peachland is a resort-type community, dependent on tourism as our primary industry. How lucky, and even amazing, that we have essentially a mosquito-free downtown area, thanks to our population of about 2,000 bats! I doubt there are many resorts that can claim that wonderful lack of a plague of mosquitoes!

Those who worked so hard to preserve our “old schoolhouse,” and to protect our colony of bats, deserve our sincere thanks for their vision and their resolve not to destroy this heritage building.

Darlene Hartford was 2017 “Citizen of the Year,” in part for her dedication to educating us about bats, establishing bat houses all around the community, and for establishing Peachland as a centre of bat knowledge in all of BC, as evidenced by the recent province-wide conference in Peachland, with dozens of scientists and representatives of other communities. We are so lucky to have someone with her passion and dedication. Thanks to Darlene and her band of volunteers in the non-profit BEEPS society.

There are many reasons to love living in Peachland, and many reasons for visitors to have an amazing experience in our community. Bats are one excellent and unique example of our appeal, and their major contribution to virtually eliminating mosquitoes from the downtown-attractions area is a major asset.

-Bruce Klippenstein, Peachland 


Dear Editor,

I noticed yet another Peachland resident has left their garbage out and a bear was in it! I am so tired of this lack of concern or respect for our wildlife. Would it be possible to put another article in the paper – which clearly states garbage must only go out on the morning of garbage pickup. Perhaps you can work with the municipality at enacting more severe fines for this irresponsible action.

-Deb Elliott, Peachland


Dear Editor,

Some of you are wondering why Calvin the newshound is no longer greeting you at the Peachland View office.

On Mother’s Day, Calvin tore his cranial cruciate ligament, or CCL. He got so excited  when the doorbell rang that he slipped and fell down the stairs.

CCL tears in dogs are very common injuries, but nonetheless are very painful and require an intensive surgery. I chose a surgery called CBLO, also called TPLO, which use a radial cut osteotomy to level the tibia plateau. This stabilizes the knee joint, but the surgery requires a three-month recovery.

Calvin had the surgery done on Thursday May 30th. The procedure went very well and was done by Dr. Oz’s wife, Dr. Noa Oz, at Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital.

The last months have showed me the lengths –physical, financial, emotional – to which people will go for their pets. During this time I had great support from Dr. Oz himself, from caring for Calvin to calling my pet insurance to make sure my claim was approved. He checks on Calvin daily. I can certainly see his love for animals and also the care he has for us humans.

Calvin is on sick leave for another two months. He will certainly come back  to the office to greet you as soon as he is back on his 4 legs. 🙂

-Annick Stoltz, Calvin’s person
and Peachland View office administrator


Dear Editor,

Three weeks ago I wrote to announce $50 in cash prizes for catching a fish from our new Ray Kandola Heritge Pier. After just two weeks, Amanda G. from Kelowna has already cashed in! I am still waiting to pay out to the lucky second and third place winners. Just grab your gear, head on down to Heritage Park and check out the signs. Moms and dads can assist the kids in this contest. It doesn’t have to be big, just first, second, and third caught in order. Peachland Sportsmen’s Association tell me the fish are moving from deep water to the shoreline now, and that makes it easy. In fact with a seniors event they held on Tuesday, they reported multiple catches. Best of luck. 

-Stuart Mennie, Peachland 

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