• Thursday , 2 February 2023

Volunteers clean tonnes of trash, massive amount of metal around Peachland








Dozens of volunteers spent a gray and windy Saturday cleaning up a massive amount of trash – of all kinds – in Peachland’s backcountry and Beach Ave areas. RDCO waste reduction facilitator Rae Stewart said more than 10 tonnes of metal and four tonnes of garbage were collected from the Princeton Ave corridor, and along the back roads of Spring Lake, the Bedford Trails and beyond. “Volunteers helped yank everything from garbage to unsightly car bodies, appliances, tires, a hot tub, an old boat hull, and additional debris out of the bush,” she said. The Peachland Sportsmen’s Association, the Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance, the Okanagan Forestry Task Force and the Zip Zone all gave their time, in addition to ABC Recycling and For Less Disposal, who ultimately took out the trash. And just like the girls on the cover of this week’s View, you can form your own group and take part in Community Clean Up Month. To get free litter bags and gloves for your cleanup, call the RDCO at (250) 469-6250, or email recycle@cord.bc.ca. They’ll even arrange to pick up the garbage you’ve collected when you’re done.

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