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Letters to the Editor: March 22

Dear Editor,

As the owner of 1st & Beach Bar & Grill, I’ve had the pleasure to have my business in this community for the past two years. I’ve been through the cycle of the seasons and am learning to adjust to the seasonal atmosphere and I will say, thank you so much for your support. That being said, the start of our busy season is getting close and I couldn’t be more excited. Now…… I think WE, businesses of Peachland, need a little support, we just do. I’ve just read a post in Peachland Neighbours Facebook Page promoting the Grand Opening for the Pier Project. What a great idea and addition to this beautiful little town. Reading the small print, it says there will be food trucks at this event. I’m very interested to know if these food trucks are local and what they are paying for licensing fees and who is that going to? Many questions, Food trucks are great and they need to run their businesses too, I understand that, but we are clearly in a town that has restaurants struggling. We have restaurants dropping like flies, such as Lambly’s, 91, Waterfront Grill. A food truck’s overhead is nothing compared to the costs to run a restaurant as we all know. 

When our community is hosting an event why would we bring in outside vendors to provide their services while we are right here? I am right across the street from this event. I would have loved the opportunity to hold a special, host a buffet, cater in the park, the list goes on and on. Instead, I was told that a professional planner out of West Kelowna was in charge of choosing the food trucks that come in. I was told that with a special events license food trucks are indeed allowed and they carry there own licensing etc. I’m just thinking that something needs to change. I for one, as I’m sure the other restaurants would LOVE the opportunity to be a part of a community project, in any way that we could.

This is not just a rant, it is to hopefully reach all members of our community so that we can work together and have a voice. I will say thank you to the Sportsman Association, The Rotary, and the District of Peachland for making the Pier Project happen.

-Katie Kovacevic, Peachland


Dear Editor,

I would like to acknowledge with gratitude the article entitled, “Honouring our Veterans” on page 2, of the March 8, 2019, issue of the Peachland View.

In continued recognition of International Women’s Day, I would like to recognize Barb Dionne for being returned each year as the President of the Peachland Historical Society (PHS) since 2008.  It was during the 1990’s that Barb got to meet and know many of the remaining Peachland pioneers and elders.  This led to Barb becoming a founding member of the PHS when official incorporation took place.  She then served on the Board of Directors and assisted with various projects and initiatives.

I would also like to thank and acknowledge the vital role that has been played by Jeff Green, Don Wilson, and Richard Smith, also of the PHS, who put together the initial information and photographic slide show complete with music for the November 11, 2014, Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day Ceremony for our Peachland men who lost their lives in World War I and World War II.

It has been an honour to be welcomed, and to work with the amazing members of the PHS on various historical projects.

-Anne Wigfield, Peachland


Dear Editor,

The Peachland Arts Council would like to extend our sincere thanks to all those who attended our two events in celebration of International Women’s Day last Friday at the 50 Plus Senior Centre.  75 tickets for the High Tea and 75 tickets for the evening Wine & Cheese were gone very quickly.  Entry was by donation and we are pleased to announce just over $1000 was collected at the door.  We will provide two $500 Awards for two female Peachland students through the Central Okanagan Bursary and Scholarship Society for 2020 and keep the balance for the following year’s Awards.  Everyone enjoyed the six inspirational speakers who were asked to share their life experiences and career journeys in keeping with this year’s theme “Balance for Better”. Renee Wasylyk, CEO Troika Group, Nancy MacDonald, Owner of the Blind Angler Restaurant, Susan Haglund, President, Peachland Wellness Centre, Meena Cleland, Author, ‘Inspired Indian Cuisine’, Beryl Itani, Kelowna’s Emergency Support Services program coordinator and Geneva Ensign, Author of ‘Community Healing, A Transcultural Model and ‘Echoes from Another Shore’ were this year’s speakers.  We’d like to extend our appreciation to these wonderful women who made the day a true celebration!  We’d also like to thank our Peachland Ambassadors who were on hand greeting our guests and helping out at the “selfie” photo station. Due to the success of the event the Arts Council will make this an annual event for International Women’s Day in Peachland. 

-Deborah Livingstone, Peachland Community Arts Council

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