• Friday , 3 February 2023

Editorial: She sells sweet treats

There’s a cat, a dog, a bunch of fish, a bearded dragon, a budgie and a snake. And Chevy Matthews takes care of them all.

“It’s not that hard,” says the ten year-old student at Peachland Elementary. 

“They all eat at different times, and my bearded dragon eats whenever he wants. He gets mealworms.”

Chevy and her mom, Barb

Mealworms aren’t on the menu today, fortunately. Chevy and her mom, Barb are in front of the IGA on this sunny Tuesday afternoon, taking part in a tradition they’ve shared for the past three years.

They’re selling cupcakes – about 20 dozen of them. There’s chocolate-chocolate, chocolate-vanilla, and Oreo. They even thought of the dogs, baking a bunch of treats for four-legged friends.

It’s not the only way friends who are furry, feathered or scaled are getting a hand out – Chevy, Barb and some of Chevy’s friends did all that baking to raise money for their favourite cause, the BC SPCA.

It all started with some time spent online – and the pair came across some info on the BC SPCA’s Treat Week, an opportunity for animal lovers throughout the province to raise some dough by selling sweet treats. 

“It was so successful the first year, we decided to do it again,” says Barb, noting their second year was even more successful — they sold out in a couple hours.

An avowed animal lover, Barb says it’s no surprise how much her daughter loves all creatures.

“This whole cupcake thing was her idea, I’m just helping her get it done. I want to be there and support everything she does.”

At the end of the day, Chevy, Barb, and the gaggle of friends who helped, managed to raise $$$. Nice work, ladies!

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