• Friday , 3 February 2023

Emotion vs Logic

Was that a calculated decision or did she just go with her gut?

It won’t be hard to tell the difference at Emotion vs Logic – the latest exhibit coming to the Peachland Art Gallery.

Okanagan painters Brazen Edwards and Fiona Neal are the two feature artists, and their abstract works are in stark contrast to one another.

The images created by Edwards are inspired by scientific and alchemist concepts; Neal’s creations are devised through meditation and emotional connectiveness.

“These paintings are to be felt rather than viewed,” Neal says. “It is my hope that these pieces will draw the viewer into their own emotional response triggered by the tangible flow of emotional experience within them.”

Neal said she lets her emotional state lead the painting.

“Intuitively, that emotion flows through me and into the work itself,” she said.

The work of Edwards on the other hand is more about composition and design – she’s the ‘Logic’ part of the show.

“Colour tends to lead to an emotional response from the viewer, whereas black and white allows the audience to see more of a logical interpretation,” Edwards said. “It’s mostly a show about how we approach abstract painting and how very different our work looks. It shows the dichotomy between intuition and rational thought.”

During the exhibit’s opening reception on Saturday, both artists are excited to engage with the art lovers of Peachland.

“I just want them to take a very unbiased look,” Edwards said. “And I want to see what they see; find out what their interpretation is.”

Edwards and Neal are both resident artists at Ellis Art Studios in Kelowna.

Emotion vs Logic runs at the Peachland Art Gallery from April 7 to May 13. Both artists will be at the opening reception on Saturday between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. There will be wine and cheese and everybody is invited.

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