West Kelowna Wine Tours to win London, England Global LTG Awards for Wine Tour Operation of the Year.

If you see her, congratulate Melanie Evans (one of our very own Peachland residents),  who operates West Kelowna Wine Tours. She just got back from London England’s Global LTG (Luxury Travel Guide) Awards.
In April she got the call  that West Kelowna Wine Tours won the America’s Award for Wine Tour Operator of the year.
On Nov 6th they won the Best of the Best Category, taking Global LTG Wine Tour Operator of the year!
They actually beat out Portugal, France, Greece and South Africa. “What an honour and unforgettable experience… to win this unbelievable award” said Melanie.
England’s Global LTG Awards were hosted by Merrianella Pereyra, who hosted the Grammys.

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