• Saturday , 26 November 2022

Spring Fling blossoming at Peachland Art Gallery

Spring Fling is about a couple of creators whose art supplies come straight from nature.

The exhibit, which begins this weekend, will feature the wild works of Annabel Stanley and Sue Hall, who weave their forest findings into life-size natural fiber art and sculptures.

“I use things like dogwood, willow – anything you can pick from a tree that bends,” Stanley said, adding that she owns

and operates a two acre vineyard of pinot noir, making supplies abundantly available to her.

Stanley earned a diploma in horticulture and then moved into the field of florist. She and her husband are from England, where she owned a boutique and trained with renowned weaving artists. The couple then migrated to Whistler before packing up again and moving to New Zealand. They returned to Canada a few years ago to live and work in West Kelowna.

By coincidence, Sue Hall took a strangely similar path around the globe before ending up in the Okanagan.

Hall was born and raised in New Zealand. She spent a long period travelling around Europe and eventually ended up in Montreal. She went to Vancouver for what was supposed to be a one-time visit, but after experiencing British Columbia, she decided to move here.

“I walk around with my eyes in the trees, picking up this and that and then reusing it for my art,” Hall said. “I’m a hunter gatherer, that’s what I call the sculptures I make, the gatherer series.”

Stanley and Hall will both be at the Peachland Art Gallery for the opening event on April 15 from noon to 3 p.m. and refreshments will be served.

“The exhibits are very professionally put on, the Peachland Art Gallery is a wonderful environment to be in,” Hall said.

Sue Hall

Annabel Stanley

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