• Saturday , 4 February 2023

Bypass effort like asking an airport to move

To the Editor of the Peachland View:

We see and hear absurd things all the time. We see absurd people on TV, we hear absurd stories about celebrities and politicians. Most of the time absurdity can be amusing, a distraction, or just entertainment, but when absurdity become part of public policy – we all have problems.

You have heard this before, I’m sure. People buy a house near the airport and soon begin complaining about the noise, and then join groups to fight the noise and harass their local politicians to get the airport to move. This is absurd. If you bought your house near the airport you should live with your decision, even if you don’t like the consequences, or move.

Currently, we seem to be having the same situation here in Peachland. People who bought their houses near Highway 97, having heard of the inevitable widening of the road, now want the highway to be moved. They want a bypass built at a great expense to all of the tax payers of this province. All because they bought a house by the highway. This is just as absurd as the airport story.

Perhaps more absurd is that the council of Peachland thoughtlessly jumped on board, promoting the bypass and covering for their absurd decisions by spending our tax dollars on outside advisors and consultants. Does taking public office make a once intelligent person absurd? It sure seems so in Peachland.

Ethel Couture, West Kelowna

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