• Thursday , 1 December 2022

There is value in our Visitor Information Centre

I am writing this letter in response to the article on the front page of the Peachland View on April 17. I am so disappointed with the mayor and her motion to defer the decision of the contract with the Peachland Chamber of Commerce and the Visitor Information Centre (VIC).

I have volunteered at the VIC for nine years and in those nine years I have seen many wonderful people who have taken the time to come and visit our beautiful community because they want to know about the many things that go on in our community.

We, at the VIC have sent visitors to our local restaurants, and stores, we have helped book their stays at our local accommodations, we have advised them how to get to our walking trails, our parks, and numerous other places within the community.

We have answered many hundreds of questions on events going on at all times of the year, how to find many services, and sent out relocation packages to people all across Canada because they were interested in moving here.

We have sold tickets to many events for other local groups that have taken place in our community that bring people to the community and volunteered to help at many of these events. I wonder how much more this leader of our community needs to know about what kind of services we perform and offer before she feels she’s getting enough bang for the taxpayers’ buck.

I do not live in this magnificent town anymore due to personal reasons but I have spent, and still do spend, many enjoyable hours volunteering in this community. I was under the impression that my volunteer hours were valuable to the District of Peachland, but to have them dismissed as a waste of money to keep funding this VIC hurts me deeply.

Maybe Ms. Fortin should remove her blinders and see all the accomplishments instead of making unsubstantiated remarks.

Joan Marsh, Westbank

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