• Saturday , 28 January 2023

The job of a councillor is to find out the facts

How dare Mr. Dave Collins, president of the chamber, a special interest group in Peachland that receives substantial taxpayer money, insult a legally elected councillor in what I consider to be a long “rant” in the June 6 Peachland View. I believe that he has no choice but to step away from any further dealings with our council until a sincere and public apology is issued to the councillor attacked and all our elected local officials.

We, the residents, pay over 90 per cent of the taxes collected in Peachland; the business contribution is small, but we are happy to support a chamber that is willing to work cooperatively and candidly with our elected representatives and our community. The job of a councillor is to find out the facts and to do this they must ask questions and raise issues. If Mr. Collins were to watch the May 27 committee of the whole on the municipal website, he would see under “other business” that several councillors are concerned about this unduly long drawn-out process which, we can only hope, will eventually enable the arts council to have space in our community-owned primary school.

Carol Smithson, Peachland


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