• Saturday , 28 January 2023

Change to Christmas Light Up certainly is devastating

I sat outside this past Saturday morning and read the Westside Weekly. There were many articles inside about how West Kelowna, Westbank, Penticton and Summerland were being approved for government grants, road repairs, beautiful walkways and lots of items that residents were all proud to be part of.

After that I picked up The View, and what do I read? Well goodness, it was devastating. Three of our councillors (Hall, Kerbes and Fortin) were downright appalled that they were not consulted about the Christmas Light Up being taken out of their hands. Shook right up they were.

How could the director of community services, without asking, have taken this perhaps two to three hour Christmas tradition that draws about 100 viewers a year and given it to the Chamber of Commerce to now coordinate? I just about choked on my coffee. Without informing council you say? Devastating it is.

This was done and these councillors were not informed on the very heavy and weighty item. Come on, it is a really big deal.

We now will have the chamber make this into a mid-afternoon family affair, at no [extra] cost to us taxpayers. At least Councillors Moberg and Schierbeck have some common sense and can see down the road knowing what this could lead to. These two councillors seemed shocked that it was even being debated.

After all we don’t need more government grants. We don’t need roads repaired. We don’t need more sidewalks. We don’t need to four-lane Highway 97. We don’t have to fix the Hardy Street turnoff. We don’t need more fire fighters, police or equipment. We don’t need a newer and better location for city hall. We don’t need senior housing. We just need the Christmas lights left alone, so the mayor can turn them on.

As for what the mayor thinks, who knows? He did get his picture in the paper four times for giving out top awards for the fall fair. I think that must be important somehow, but it must not be as big of a deal as turning on the downtown Christmas lights as nothing has upset our councillors like this before.

I wonder if they would debate the nightmares I may have on just how this community continues to operate with councillors who are so devastated and upset on such a childish item.

Bari Beggs, Peachland


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