Letter: So what, Cliff?

Dear Cliff Gates:

Yes, referring to your “Connect The Dots” letter in The Peachland View on March 16, the woman who made the comment is a relative of a close friend, a fellow whom I played men’s soccer with for over 20 years – he is beside me in the picture you obtained by trolling the woman’s Facebook account.

So what, Cliff?

As mentioned previously, the comment was not made by me, by anyone associated with Friends of Beach Avenue, nor anyone who lives in the Okanagan and does not reflect my views or those of anyone else in FOBA.

I didn’t ask anyone to make the comment and wasn’t aware of it until I saw it after it was posted. We disassociated ourselves from the comment right away on the FOBA Facebook page, as was plain to see by all, including the present Mayor.

And, as reported by many, the Mayor was aware the comment made had been investigated by the RCMP, traced to the Lower Mainland, and dismissed as not serious, long before the Mayor made a public statement implying the comment was serious and from someone in Peachland.

Since you trolled this person’s Facebook page for photos, Cliff, I tried to do the same to yours, thinking why would someone from Yorkshire, England be interested in Peachland politics?

But, surprise,  there is no Cliff Gates Yorkshire, England on Facebook!!!

Nevertheless, if you were on Facebook and had photos there of anyone, I’m sure you would agree that you are not responsible for their comments, nor they for yours, simply because they are in the same photo as you.

Especially not a rogue comment like the one in question which did not help us and was used, long after the situation had passed, to smear our citizens group.

Such is the way of local politics as practiced at present in Peachland.

The OCP was changed here to benefit a developer in spite of over 75 per cent written opposition and 88 per cent oral opposition at the Peachland Public Hearing.

That is the issue and, try as you and others might, no smear campaign is going to divert attention from that.

I see you claim to be from the UK. In addition to 540 folks on Facebook, I am also “associated” with relatives who went overseas flying for the RCAF in the Second World War to protect your country.

Based on their efforts and many like them, I am well aware that both in the UK, as well as in Canada, one is not held responsible for another’s comments.

Knowing that, your attempt at guilt-by-association is actually far more telling about you, and those like you, than it is about me.

Randey Brophy


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