Letter: FOBA, enough is enough

Dear editor:

Thanks to a forward thinking mayor and council, the OCP was amended to allow for the PeachTree development, which had already been approved. It was all done above board and legally. Contrary to what many FOBA people have said, the OCP was NOT GUTTED.

Only a few words were changed..

As usual, an incorrect statement by FOBA

Rob M. Taylor, really, a “Police state“?

You would know if we really lived in one.

Let me address some of your points.

1. It was not an illegal decision to approve the PeachTree development. As the OCP is a fluid document which can be changed by an amendment and has been over 20 times over the years. The document isn’t necessarily the a reflection of the community’s desires since only a few people had input many years ago.

2. The RCMP were called into the council meeting, as your groups refused to obey the request of the fire chief and fire regulations.

3. Just because your group didn’t get its way, doesn’t mean that our Mayor and council weren’t listening. Your 300-or-so members aren’t the ones running Peachland.

4. When someone is proposing to burn the Mayor’s house down, most people under those conditions would call the RCMP to investigate. I, like many people wouldn’t classify this as only an insult, especially after we find out that the person responsible for it is either a family friend of your spokesman, Mr. Brophy.

5. Seventy-five per cent taxpayers? Not even remotely correct.

6. Our local government isn’t out of control, they’re doing exactly what the majority of Peachlanders elected them to do.

7. “After months of not being heard” Excuse me but for the last five or six months, Peachland View has published anywhere from two to nine letters from your FOBA group. I think you’ve been heard!

Thank you Cliff Gates for exposing Randey Brophy for his lack of complete honestly.

Mr. Brophy, you were quoted by The View saying that the person who made the comment is not a member of your group nor a Peachland resident. Was Mayor Cindy Fortin and the RCMP made aware of the connection to you?

I’m guessing not until Mr. Gates’ picture appeared in the View. Your FOBA group has long been untruthful in many of your letters to the View. I agree with Derek Coyle’s letter from March 9 – it would appear that FOBA continues to divide out community and doesn’t seem to care.

Derek Bunceé


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