Cheers & Jeers

Cheers to all the businesses and organizations that advertise in the Peachland View and help to keep local journalism active, relevant, and involved.

Jeers – Just because there is snow on the ground, it is not an excuse for NOT cleaning up after your dog

Cheers to the forces of separatism for separating the Bloc Party

Cheers to Westside Curb Appeal for celebrating 10 years of business in Peachland 

Cheers to the District of Peachland workers who have kept the walkways in Lambley Park, Trepanier Creek Linear Park, and Beach Avenue as clear as they can during the snowy weather. We walkers, with and without dogs, certainly appreciate it.

Cheers to drivers who pull over to let others pass if they feel the need to move at a glacial pace

Cheers, from all of us at the Peachland View, to the mysterious snow elves who shovelled our sidewalks and back porch last weekend

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