Someone suggested burning the Mayor’s house down

Mayor Cindy Fortin was wearing a pink shirt in support of the anti-bullying movement when she announced that somebody suggested burning down her home.

“The Peachland mayor is not for the people — she’s for profit someone go light a fire to her house scum!” read a post to the Friends of Beach Avenue Facebook page.

FOBA responded to the comment on their page by saying “Nope, no violence. I know you are joking but you have to understand that we are being blamed every time the wind blows in Peachland. We have never perpetuated or condoned any vandalism or violence. We will go to the polls in October.”

Randey Brophy of FOBA told The View the person who made the comment is not a member of the group nor a resident of Peachland.

Fortin said she’s been patient up until this point, but a line has been crossed and “enough is enough.”

Fortin contacted the RCMP, who she says have made contact with the woman who made the comment.

In the event that threats are escalated, “They said they’d be here in minutes,” Fortin was told.

Cst. Lesley Smith with the Kelowna RCMP is “unable to confirm/deny or comment to any possible investigations due to Privacy Act legislation.”

The Mayor says she doesn’t read the FOBA Facebook page herself as “it’s just full of insults and incorrect information,” but learned of the comment after somebody told her about it.

Fortin isn’t fearful that somebody is actually going to burn her house down, “but I absolutely don’t regret contacting them. Now that the RCMP have intervened I think it’s okay.”

Brophy said the Mayor knows the threat was not from a FOBA member but is exploiting the issue because she’s a political opportunist.

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