Yard waste collection commencing

The RDCO isn’t waiting for the snow to melt to start raking it in. Beginning on March 1, everybody receiving curbside garbage and recycling collection can toss their yard waste into the bin. They’ll be serviced every other two week until the end of November. The season’s first pickup is ideal for leaves and garden prunings that have been stockpiled all winter. “This is a good time to do a post winter check-up of your cart, and make sure materials that don’t belong and may have landed in there by mistake over the winter months are removed – things like flower pots, garbage, bags of any kind, pet waste, anything that would compromise the composting process,” says Rae Stewart, waste reduction facilitator. After collecting the community’s yard waste, the RDCO composts it for future use as a soil enhancer, so the public is being reminded not to mix plastic, garbage or anything that would contaminate soil. Each homeowner can find out their collection week by going to the Living Greener Calendar at regionaldistrict. com/recycle.

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