Letter: Our Prime Minister is a failure

Dear editor:

Congratulations are in order to Justin Trudeau for doing so many firsts in his term as Prime Minister:

· The first sitting PM to be found in Breach of Ethics not just once but twice.

· Retaining the Finance Minister who was also found to be in Breach of Ethics, (perhaps ethics is no longer a “Liberal Canadian Value”).

· Creating a Political outrage in India and at home by Canadian Liberal Ministers allegedly being involved as active supporters of a Sikh Separatist movement. Ala Charles De Gaulle “Vive le Quebec Libre” which took two or three generations to forget the meddling by France in Canada’s National affairs.

· Pitting the injured and retired Military personnel against the Government of Canada by insulting injured vets and breaking election disability and pension promises made to them.

· Secretly paying a convicted Taliban terrorist, Omar Khadr, $10.5 million on a whim when the Supreme Court awarded him no funds in his claim for damages.

· Without facts, instantly claiming Justice was not the outcome in a Jury trial of Mr. Stanley, pitting Indigenous’ and Caucasian’s interpretation and perceptions, further dividing the country.

· Inaction resulting in the Trans-mountain Pipeline sitting waiting to start but dividing BC and Alberta, over the environmentalists’ dream of killing pipelines and resource based provinces’ aspirations.

· Letting Black and other ethnic groups’ rights fall on deaf ears, while putting Indigenous rights ahead of all others’.

· Promising clean water, housing, education and opportunity to First Nations while delivering none of these; yet spending $10 Billion more in staff and consultants in the bloated, bureaucratic, Indigenous files.

· Putting the economic future of our Grandchildren into such deep debt through huge annual deficits, they will never see an end to the growth of Government debt.

· Allowing the top 2% of income earners to escape taxes while squeezing the bottom 98% with more taxes. The average Canadian family will pay an estimated $2,200 more tax under the latest regime over the previous year.

· Committing Billions in funding for dubious international programs in corrupt organizations and countries just so you can say – “Canada is back”.

· Showing terrible judgement by rolling out the Phoenix Payroll system before it was fully tested, ignoring the terrible Australian results with a similar system, and

· There is more, but space is short.

Mr. Trudeau you have failed Canada in so many ways, but your base, the well funded, vocal, social media savvy, liberal left and Alt-left keep your image polished with pleasing selfies and news clips. Remember, “Caesar fiddled while Rome burned” – that is the direction you are steering our great country, congratulations!

Doug Waines

West Kelowna

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