Letter: More like the Official Council Plan

Dear editor:

So it looks like council will be making a change to the OCP (Official Community Plan).

Yup, the community plan!

Folks, that would be the citizens’ plan, in other words, our plan. We, the 5,000 or so citizens of our community, own that plan and five people change it! Democracy at work?


We never asked for a change to our plan. Council wanted it changed. Maybe it should now be referred to as the Official Council Plan?

First, council shouldn’t have seen it within their power to try to change it. It’s not their’s to change.

Hands off!

That’s our plan and it’s there for you to use, not abuse.

Second, council took us through a process to get feedback regarding the change they wanted to make to our plan!

What a laugh!

Richard Smith’s article in last week’s View (Observations of a very long time resident) summarizes the feedback that council got back. There was an overwhelming “NO” response but council decided to make the change anyway!

Wow! Democracy at work?


I don’t know of anyone in Peachland that is against development and I think I’m right in saying that there is an overwhelming majority of people in our community that would not abandon their democratic principles to get the kind of development they want. Kudos to Mr. Condon for his continued efforts to do what is right.

One more comment. Some councilors are saying that the OCP is just a guide. Well, the guide is very specific to the number of storeys on Beach Avenue – maximum 3!

The guide does not say “no tall buildings on Beach Avenue.”

That’s good because we would be arguing about how many storeys constitutes a tall building! I assume that that is why the OCP makes it very clear – max three! It’s there to avoid the arguments we’re having right now!

Reminder – the OCP does allow for taller buildings (four to six storeys) as you move back from Beach Avenue.

Elections are this fall – no chance council can change the rules for that! Democracy at work then? Yes!

Jim Baker


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