Letter: Haven’t we scared off enough developers already?

Dear editor:

It beggars my ability to articulate but a few thoughts after I left the public hearing Jan. 30!

Over 300 people comprised of mainly the vociferous NO crowd who regurgitated the same biased one sided NO to any meaningful change or development in Peachland.

Some were rude and disrespectful to the developer (Gaetan Royer) and council, threatening to punish them in October for simply doing what they were voted in for originally! 

Peachland has a long history of scaring off developers i.e the Greg Norman fiasco up Princeton, Trepanier Manor, New Monaco, and the list goes on.

We need new viable options to expand the tax base, grow the tourism industry here and Beach Avenue could use a lot more like PeachTree Village – get rid of some of those old dilapidated rat infested houses!

In the 10 years we’ve been here I always thought the people were so nice and friendly; now some neighbours are not speaking depending what side they’re on!

The No crowd (well organized) is suffocating this new developer.

Unless we come together and realize little Peachland is in urgent need of resuscitation in the form of some economic development to insure much needed tax revenue and jobs, we will remain firmly ensconced in the past and end up like Fort Nelson and other small towns dying on the vine for lack of economic growth and development!

Thank you

Audrey McEwen


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