Press release from Friends of Beach Avenue re: OCP amendment

Peachland Council trying to change Official Community Plan to suit a Specific Development

Having first said they would respond in court to a Friends of Beach Avenue residents association petition saying Peachland Council  acted contrary to the existing Official Community Plan , Peachland Council is now putting a motion forward to rewrite the Official Community Plan, tailoring it so it fits the specific needs of the proposed Peachtree Development.

The Council agenda, published on the District website Wednesday for the upcoming January 9 Peachland Council meeting shows that a motion has been made by Council to change the Official Community Plan to allow 5 storeys specifically on the Peachtree development site.

The agenda item (9C page 83) reads:

“..District of Peachland Official Community Plan Bylaw Number 1600 be amended as follows:

THAT Appendix ‘A”-Beach Avene Neighbourhood Plan be amended by deleting the following under Section 7.0 Land Use Policies, subsection 7.2 Land Use Policies 2. The Core Commercial Area Policies:

3. Establish a maximum building height of three storeys between Beach Avenue and Town Lane [Waldo Way]

and replacing it with:

3. Encourage a maximum building height of three storeys between Beach Avenue and Town Lane [Waldo Way] except at the northwest corner of Beach Avenue and Fourth Street on properties legally described as:

     Lots 1 and 2 Block District Lot 490 Osoyoos Division Yale District Plan 44 as shown on the plan attached to this bylaw as Map “A” where a height of up to 5 stories or 16.76m (55 ft) may be supported. Other sections of this Beach Avenue Neighbourhood Plan shall be read subject to  this  specific provision relating to the above properties.”

Council is fully within its rights to move to amend the OCP but that is what they ought to have done in the first place in order to rezone the properties.

There is a requirement for public consultation in order to amend an OCP.

Council rezoned these  properties to allow for a  5 storey building which is clearly, demonstrably, contrary to the existing Official Community Plan.

We believe the Official Community Plan continues to accurately represents the views of a majority in Peachland..

Now, Council is going to consider an amendment to the OCP to specifically permit this 5 storey building.  This is the opportunity that we feel our community was entitled to all along.

An opportunity to express our support for the present vision set out in the OCP and to express our opposition to the introduction of tall buildings along Beach Avenue.

We urge everyone to take full advantage of this opportunity and to attend the council meetings and public hearing to voice opposition to this 5 storey building

The Council meeting is Tuesday, January 9 at 7 p.m. at Council Chambers, Peachland Community Centre, 4450 -6th St., Peachland

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