Letter: Seniors’ housing is in, five storey developments are out

Dear editor:

I have to confess I am one of the guilty Peachlanders who having a busy life have not paid much attention to what has been going on with regard to downtown development issues as ‘they don’t affect me’.

However, after trying to find a parking place at the Peachland Community Centre one afternoon, as many had been taken up with the building of the Senior Housing project, I started to wonder where will the parking be in the summer months when 72 units are filled with residents, I finally woke up to the fact it will.

It can be argued that we need seniors housing, but then spotted the sign showing the massive five-storey PeachTree development.

Yes, we need downtown development but five-storeys on Beach Avenue, I mean really?

The reality of what Peachland may become finally sunk in and I cannot understand how the Council that I and many other Peachlanders have put their faith in has let this happen?

Just the visual impact of five storeys all along Beach which this building will encourage is bad enough, but then there is further parking and flooding issues along with a complete transformation from a quaint charming town to one undistinguishable to others found in B.C.

Shame on the lot of you to allow this to happen under your watch to our beautiful unique town.

Lucy Bibbs


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