Letter: Hasty OCP update is an embarrassment

Dear editor:

What would you do if you were a municipal councillor who listened to the recommendations of management, believed the assurances of the planning department, followed the long shot of a hired zoning consultant and the speculations of a developer to approve a development permit against the ideals of your town’s Official Community Plan, only to hear from your lawyers that you potentially have made a costly, legal mistake.

Would you apologize; beg your taxpayer’s forgiveness; ask the developer to reapply for a building that meets the OCP guidelines, or none of the above?

If you are Peachland Council, you publicly admit you contravened a municipal zoning bylaw and hastily, embarrassingly consider trying to amend the wording of the OCP for that single developments height and hope your constituents don’t see it coming. Why not proceed with a full OCP update if indeed it is outdated, begs the question.

Of course, you could do what should have been done all along, save your reputations and rescind your approval for a five-story high rise, and let someone else take the fall … the District administration that advised you, the planning department that misinformed you, the high priced hired planner that shredded your OCP or the developer who threatened to walk for the sake of two more stories of profit.

Rob Taylor


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