Council highlights from Tuesday.

Farmers’ And Crafters’ Market Council determined that the current location of Heritage Park for the Peachland Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market is the most suitable. The location and alternative locations of the market were investigated by the Peachland Economic Development Committee and presented their findings to Council for their consideration. The report looked at locations in regards to traffic congestion, parking and safety concerns, economic impact and best fit for businesses, customers and vendors.

Public Works Fees And Charges Bylaw No. 1655, Amendment Bylaw No. 2212, 2017  Council adopted Public Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 1655, Amendment Bylaw No. 2212, 2017. The bylaw amends the public works equipment rates to reflect the current costs of operating the equipment and is reviewed once every three years.

Peachland Fire And Rescue Services (Pfrs) Operations And Procedures Policy Pro – 193 Council adopted amendments to the PFRS Operations and Procedures Policy Pro- 193. The amendments include clarification to the call out and practice pay rates; reimbursement for travel expenses when representing the District of Peachland; reimbursement for District of Peachland required medical examinations; and new requirements for medical assessments for existing members and new members based on National Fire Protection Associate requirements.

New Civic Award: Green Citizen Award Council approved a new awards category to be added to the Civic Awards, and directed staff to amend the Awards- Municipal (PUB-040) Policy accordingly. The Green Citizen Award is to be selected by the Mayor’s Task Force on Climate Change, with input from local elementary -aged school children. The award will go to a local citizen or family making choices that protect and restore our natural environment. Its purpose is to heighten awareness of environmental issues and to encourage Peachland residents to act individually and collectively to conserve our water and energy resources. 

Front End Loader Engine Replacement And Flat Bed Truck – Early Budget Approval Council gave early budget approval for the engine to be replaced in the Hyundai Front End Loader and for a new Flat Deck Trailer in the amounts of $24,000 and $16,000 respectively. The engine replacement will ensure that the Front End Loader becomes a reliable work fleet vehicle after several attempts have been made to repair the old engine. The purchase of the flat deck trailer ensures that the District has a trailer with sufficient load rating of the transportation of the mini excavator.

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