Letter: Too personal

Dear editor:

How very sad the developer of PeachTree has gone the route of researching and divulging information to the public on Randey Brophey’s personal home value, what he paid for the property, what it is worth and would be worth to a developer, along with fabricating untruths, while Randey has consistently taken the high road. This speaks volumes.

The purpose of the people supporting “Friends of Beach Avenue” have the sole intent of trying to protect and preserve the small town ambience of downtown Peachland, despite what some believe they are against development, which is totally untrue.

What I envision for the future of downtown Peachland is two to three storey buildings with quaint and interesting shops underneath for locals and tourists to explore. Such as you find in the small towns the travel agents will suggest like LaConner, Leavenworth, Edmonds, Washington, small towns along the water on the Oregon and California coast, even Vancouver Island, such as Qualicum, etc., just what attracted us to move here. As I live along Beach Avenue, careful planning is a concern to me.

Pat Buchanan


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