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Driving to the Kelowna Airport can be a nightmare without the help of WestCabs, we take away the stress of traffic and parking by taking Peachlanders straight from their home to the YLW.

We’re very fortunate to have two gateways, Coquihalla and YLW provide our communities with a high to moderate volume of tourists regularly. The Coquihalla connector is close both communities, YLW how ever is distant. WestCabs goal is to make YLW accessible to Peachland and West Kelowna at low fares so these communities can benefit from tourist volume as well as become accessible for locals.

Our 6-passenger fleet was designed based on to reduce the cost of fare, by the total fare divided by the number of passengers. WestCabs all-wheel drive fleet is specially designed for severe winter weather, as Peachland and West Kelowna residents reside in vehicle demanding terrain during the winter to early spring.  Our hybrid Lexus Sedan fleet aids in keeping our Okanagan environment clean, in our SUV’s we burn clean diesel (Bluetec) which also keeps our environment in mind as we serve our communities. Our wheelchair accessible fleet is ready to serve when requested, WestCabs drivers have gone through disability sensitivity and safety courses to ensure the quality of service.

WestCabs is conveniently available to serve the communities through our 24-hour dispatch, for those that prefer an app we give the convenience to download ours on google play and apple store. Which allows the customer to prepay, book, select and track their cab. Bookings can also be done by email.

WestCabs fare (meter) starts at $3.50 and is $2.25 per kilometre after. These fare rates are approved by Passenger Transportation Board, we also give 10% discount to seniors and students.

All WestCabs passengers also have the option to use our complimentary WiFi during their travelling.



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