New feature – Cheers and Jeers

The opinion section of the Peachland View is about to get even better.

Introducing the Cheers and Jeers!

The Cheers and Jeers will be a regularly occurring feature that invites you to share light-hearted thoughts in a format of 75 words or less.

For example:

Cheers to District staffers for having Peachland so well prepared for the Annual Light Up celebration


Anybody can be named in a Cheers so long as it’s not facetious.

As for Jeers, it’s fair to criticize public figures like Justin Trudeau and Charles Manson. But if you wish to publicly condemn anybody who might actually read the Peachland View, you have to do it the old-fashion way by writing a letter to the editor with your name signed at the bottom.

To share your Cheers or Jeers in the paper, send them via email to

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