Letter: What wonderful, caring people live in this unique quaint town that we call home

Dear editor:

After attending the Wellness Centre Open House it reinforced to me what wonderful, caring people live in this unique quaint town that we call home.

Below is an extract from an article I contributed to the Peachland Visitor Guide, 2017. I wrote the feature for people thinking of moving to Peachland as this attribute was something never highlighted to us by the realtors we consulted when considering moving here.

The open day of the Wellness Centre which showcased its many wellness programmes and activities is the Epitome of my below description of what it means to be a Peachlander:

“Being a Peachlander means you need never be lonely or be bored as there’s always an organization who could do with your help or could help you. You can pop out for a lakeside walk and end up dancing the night away to live music at one of the lakeside restaurants, or go straight to the ‘Letters to the Editor’ page in the Peachland View to see if yours or a friend’s letter has been printed (Editors say how endearing it is to get so many letters from residents who care so passionately about their town). Finally, being a Peachlander means you live in the most beautiful place, with the kindest, most caring, welcoming people you will ever get to meet”

In fact, I am sure if there was a survey, Peachland would have more non-profit clubs and volunteer organizations, per capita, than any other town in Canada.

Gill Evans


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