Today is a beautiful day

Re: Mayor’s challenge to the community to submit positive Letters to the Editor

Dear editor and Mayor Cindy Fortin,

I recently read about an idea that we as Peachlander’s might adopt should we choose that our lives would be more comfortable with positive thoughts.

I took up the quest, and I like to end each sentence with a variety of thoughts, this is one of my favourites: And today is a beautiful day.

I found that when I started my morning with “Here comes another amazing day” that is what I got!

It doesn’t mean that I won’t get a sliver if I pick up a piece of wood, it does give me a different perspective and I know that I can handle that sliver or whatever else comes up.

I found it amazing how quickly I could get into a new routine of thinking thoughts that create the outcome of a beautiful day. Or I can choose to think the same old habitual thoughts of the past that predict demise, suggest that no one cares, or are self-depreciating.

When I travel I seek to see the world from a different perspective. How grateful I am to adventure to places that are so different from our own home, yet people are kind and caring, trying to make their lives as good as they can, and living to be healthy and happy.

What a wonder would occur if we shared ways with each other. Us a bit more like them and them a bit more like us….

Most people would say they would like their families and themselves to be happy, however do we choose to think the thoughts that might create that potential?

Eventually our thoughts do become our lives, if only in our perspective.

There are so many wonderful things about Peachland, no wonder we love to make it our home.

We drink clean water, we see the sun shine many days in the year, we live close to a lake where we all can have access, our homes are heated or cooled as required, it only takes a minute or two to get to nature, we are allowed to drive our cars every day, we have public transportation that is affordable, our air is clean (when there are no fires), we can choose to have space between ourselves and the neighbours, we have freedom to live where we choose, most of us have neighbours or others close who care about us and life is affordable.

I am grateful for our good government and the opportunity to have voted time after time for the governments that got us to where we are.

We are a respected country around the globe.

And today is a beautiful day.

Diane Wiebe


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