New and improved lair for popular Dragon Lotus Restaurant

The Dragon Lotus is breathing even bigger fires now.

After being unleashed from its former Beach Avenue location, Peachland’s only Chinese restaurant has taken over the commercial space near Hardy Falls along Highway 97.

It didn’t take long for the Dragon Lotus to grow into the newly renovated and much larger building. With a kitchen, fridge and freezer that are twice as large as before, the menu has already become more ferocious.

“Our new favourites are the Dragon sizzling plates,” said owner Sam Vong. “We’re having a lot of fun with those – the plates come out of the kitchen sizzling hot. I’ve always wanted to do this but the other kitchen wasn’t big enough.”

Before Vong had so much storage space, he was unable to take full advantage of sales and volume discounts.

“I couldn’t stock up when the prices were low.”

The transition from Beach Avenue to Highway 97 went smoothly, he said, although reconstruction of the building was a laborious task.

“It turned out beautifully. I’m quite pleased myself.”

For those who find the meals at Dragon Lotus to be too big (which is quite common), Vong is now offering half portions on the menu.

And get ready for it to become a two-headed dragon in the summertime – the award-winning restaurant will be adding an ice cream parlour onto the panoramic property.

“I can’t wait for that one either – that’s out next little project.”

Vong will be sourcing the flavours and garnishes that “everybody likes” from Island Farms.

“We want to become a destination for a dessert place – kind of like Tickleberry’s.”

From his Beach Avenue location, many of Vong’s successes have been notably recognized, and he wants to keep the momentum going at the Dragon’s new home.

Through the Peachland Chamber of Commerce’s Business Excellence Awards, he was named the Rising Star of 2013, Business of the Year in 2015, Business Person of the Year in 2016, Restaurant of the Year in 2017; and has received Trip  Advisor awards for the past three years.

The new Dragon Lotus is inviting the public to its grand opening celebration on Saturday, November 4th.

A traditional Dragon Dance will be performed at 11:30 a.m.; the Okanagan Wolfman (who’s been suffering from withdrawal for months going without wonton soup) has brought together a powerful group of musicians who will be performing as the Okanagan Dragons; dignitaries have been invited to the ribbon cutting ceremony; and Saturday will also be a birthday celebration for Vong’s mother.

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