Police catch and charge bad Sea-Dooer

Remember those reckless Sea-Dooers who ruined a perfectly good summer day by causing trouble in Lake Okanagan?

They spent the afternoon of July 6 (allegedly) harassing other boaters and maneuvering dangerously close to other watercraft.

“The first incident was … when one of the four Sea-Doo operators performed a power slide around a vessel on the lake, which not only swamped the boat, soaked the couples belongings, but more disturbingly it was reported that their 2-year-old child was knocked overboard into the waters of Okanagan Lake,” Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey said at the time.

“Thankfully the couple said their child was wearing a life jacket at the time and was surprisingly unharmed during what was likely a frightening ordeal for that toddler.”

Well the one who was “primarily responsible” has been busted.

It was a 27-year-old man from West Kelowna using a rental Sea-Doo. Once the RCMP discovered who the rental company was, it wasn’t hard to track the guy down.

“Anonymous tip information from the public, also aided in the development and eventual conclusion of the police investigation.”

Here are the charges he has to face:

Operation of a vessel in a careless manner, without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons under section 1007 of the Small Vessel Regulations (SVR)–a charge which carries a fine of $402.00; and failing after a collision to give name of vessel or name and address of authorized representative, to Master or person in charge of other vessel under section 148(b) of the Canada Shipping Act (CSA)—a charge which carries a fine of $287.52.

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