Alternative approval process underway to borrow for water treatment

Alternative Approval
Process Council approved an Alternative Approval Process to gauge public opinion on long term borrowing of $9,285,456 over 25 years. The long term borrowing is for the construction of Peachland Creek Water Treatment Plant and Trepanier Creek Water System Interconnect, to provide treated water through a conventional water treatment process within the boundaries of Peachland. Residents who oppose borrowing must sign an Elector Response Form between Nov. 6 and Dec. 7. Residents who agree with borrowing – do nothing. If 10 per cent of the eligible electors sign the Elector Response Forms, the borrowing would require assent through a referendum. An Open House will be held for the public on the Water Treatment Plant and Trepanier Interconnect project on Monday, Oct. 30 from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Community Centre. “Why would someone say no?” asked Coun. Pam Cunningham. “Do they not want a water treatment plant?” If the alternate approval process is unsuccessful, the District will have the option to go to referendum to borrow the money. But if a referendum were also unsuccessful, it’s unlikely a new water treatment plant could be afforded in Peachland. Mayor Cindy Fortin said it would be tragic if that were to happen at this point. “We have full confidence going thru with alternative approval process,” said Coun. Mike Kent, adding that it’s a cost saving measure. “We’ve heard from the public through numerous venues, mostly the official community plan, open houses and the citizen survey – clean water and treatment is a clear priority for this community. By moving forward with alternative approval process, it allows us to forego a referendum saving taxpayers thousands of dollars. We know what the will of the public is and we’re using this tool to be fiscally responsible.” Fellow councillors agreed with Kent’s statement and the motion passed 5–0, with Coun. Mario Vucinovic and Coun. Peter Schierbeck absent.

Bylaw Review

Bylaw Enforcement Review Council supports a voluntary compliance based approach, where public education, informal resolution, warnings, alternate dispute resolution or mediation are the primary approach, to bylaw enforcement. Council directed staff to amend the Park Regulation Bylaw No. 2089 to clarify where dogs are permitted in the District.

Amendment To Committee Appointments

Council approved the following Committee appointments effective immediately: • Alternate Councillor Kent to the Regional District Director and Committees; and • Alternate Councillor Condon to the Okanagan Regional Library Board These Councillors will now serve on the respective committees in the event that the regularly appointed Mayor or Councillor is unable to attend a meeting.

Subdivision And Development Servicing Bylaw No. 1956, Amendment Bylaw No. 2209, 2017

Council adopted Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw No. 1956, Amendment Bylaw No. 2119, 2017. Minor housekeeping changes will clarify the District’s requirements and improve the ability to reference sections of the bylaw.

Appointment Of A Shoreline Engineer

Council appointed Shoreline Engineer Waters Edge Engineering Ltd as the engineer of record until March 1, 2020, for projects that involve works specific to the foreshore.

Flood Recovery Updates

Council received a Flood Recovery Update. Staff are working with a Recovery Director on prioritizing an action plan for flood mitigation efforts, and to recuperate a large portion of the costs from the Provincial and Federal Assistance program. It was noted that 5 hazardous docks have been removed. Infrastructure such as docks can only be replaced to the pre-flood condition. Enhancements to infrastructure would be the responsibility of the District.

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