Sophomore Scarecrow Festival in Peachland

Grab your straw hat and hitch your britches to a frame while you create a masterpiece of a scarecrow to display in the second annual Peachland Scarecrow Festival, which will open on Saturday, September 30 and run through Sunday, October 15.

Judging and festival entertainment events will happen on Saturday, October 7th in the Heritage Park area of downtown Peachland. 

We are looking for a few enthusiastic volunteers to help with the entertainment on Oct 7 and would love it if they would like to become part of our committee for next year, to make the festival even bigger and better. 

While the committee encourages everyone to make a scarecrow and you are welcome to display it at your home or business away from downtown, if you want it to be judged, it will have to make its way down to Heritage Park on the 7th.

Please note that the scarecrows can be moved inside overnight, but must be displayed outside most of the time, so make them easy to move around, secure enough to stay together and as weatherproof as you can. 

Since this year is Canada’s 150th birthday, the committee is encouraging people to create something or someone with a Heritage or Peachland Historical theme. 

The prototype scarecrows which rode in the Canada Day Parade and are now meandering around Peachland for your viewing pleasure are of Peachland’s founder, J.M. Robinson and one of his helpful Clairvoyants, Anne Anderson (who sees all with her third eye and has lots of ideas in her head!).

If you are a business owner, another category choice is to make a scarecrow that represents what your business does, or a caricature of you as owner or of your logo or motto. 

It might be a good time to challenge your neighbors and friends to each make a scarecrow. Have fun with it and don’t worry too much about realism. 

There is a category for “Most Hilarious”, too! 

Brochures with more information will be coming out soon. 

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