Public consultation coming for Turner

Time to turn the page on Turner.

Council voted unanimously on Tuesday’s meeting to pass first and second reading for the rezoning of 6114 Turner Ave. to make way for a new 34-lot subdivision.

Coun. Mike Kent highlighted how the property is privately owned, “but the perception within the community is that moving forward with this development we lose significant green space and a park. And perception is everything.”

If Turner Park is lost, he said, it needs to be addressed with some form of compensation.

Some residents have encouraged the District to purchase the land so it can remain as Turner Park, but “We absolutely cannot afford to purchase it now,” Mayor Cindy Fortin said.

“I really love Turner Park too, and I’ve been here a long time. But it isn’t our land, plain and simple,” she said.

The development process could have began years ago, so “we should be appreciative of the extended use we’ve had of it as a park,” Fortin said.

But “To tell people they can’t build on their land because we like hiking through their property, that wouldn’t work,” she said.

Beyond the ownership issue, Coun. Mario Vucinovic believes the proposed development will blend in well with its surroundings.

“It will fit the form and character of the neighbourhood. Some may disagree but that’s what the public hearing stage is for,” he said, and “If we block this, what stops the next developer from building an eight-storey building?”

A public hearing has been tentatively set for Sept. 5 depending upon the availability of the developer.


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