Fine for Albertan’s campfire

A 20-year-old Albertan was burned with a $1,150 fine.

The fellow decided to have a campfire at his make-shift camp in the parking lot of the Dilworth soccer park on July 22.

The call came in at 9:22 p.m. after the RCMP were contacted by the Kelowna Fire Department, who they were tipped off by neighbours that could see flames.

Upon noticing the arrival of police, the Albertan tried to put the fire out and evade the law. But since he left his belongings in the area, including a truck, it wasn’t hard for officers to lure him back to the scene of the crime, they just had to hook his vehicle up to a toe truck.

Zero tolerance for campfires right now, RCMP say.

“This could have been a very dangerous situation and serves as an appropriate reminder, that all campfires are prohibited throughout all Central Okanagan municipalities,” said Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey. “Violators could not only receive fines, however may also be charged the cost of the fire crew’s response to a burning complaint.”

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