Hidden concert in Peachland

A trio of talented songwriters will be turning a Peachland home into a concert venue next Thursday.

The Hideaway Tour is a collaboration between Sam Lynch, Cassidy Waring and Emily Rowed – all female songwriters from Vancouver. They’re travelling B.C. and Alberta to open up about life, share some stories and expose their vulnerabilities.

“House concerts encourage a certain type of listening that is usually difficult to find,” said Lynch, who’s grandparents, Ron and Cathy Heath, are hosting the Peachland performance.

“I spent a lot of my childhood with them living in the same house as them,” Lynch said.

“We write from our own perspective with different stories to share. For myself, I’ve been writing a lot lately about home and the concept of home, what that means to me. As well as my own experiences with mental health.”

There is no headlining act between the three singers as they rotate who goes first, second and third each night.

The Hideaway Tour is a big step forward in Lynch’s musical career. It’s the first time she’s put this much energy into sharing her music, and just recently she released her first-ever single.

“It’s called Mess You Made,” she said. “I wrote when I was going through a bit of a hard time. I had just gotten back from travelling by myself for five months – I was coming off this big wild exciting time, landing back in Vancouver and thinking, ‘shoot what am I doing with my life now?’”

After finishing school and travelling, Lynch felt like she had checked off all of the quintessential achievements of adolescence.

“But it didn’t feel like enough, and that can land you in a really strange place where you can make a mess for yourself.”

However, after turning those raw feelings into engaging music, she said the decision to share it publicly was nerve-racking.

“Sometimes you just gotta put it out though – holding on to something for too long is not good.”

The Hideaway Tour comes to Peachland on July 6. Admission is by donation with all proceeds going to the artists. Anybody interested in attending can get the details through the Facebook page www.facebook.com/hideawaytour/peachlandpatioconcertseries.

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