Opinion: These campaign strategies are embarrassing

The Liberal Party has done great things for the province over the past 16 years, and Dan Ashton has been very effective as our local MLA.

But the Liberal Party’s campaign strategy isn’t so easy to appreciate, and with just weeks to go until an election, they’ve been flooding newsroom inboxes with sad emails that are begging for ridicule.

This is a professionally-run campaign organized by grown adults and funded by millions of dollars, and they decided it was a good idea to write the subject line of an email in all caps last Tuesday, “SAY ANYTHING JOHN AT IT AGAIN.” The contents of the email, sent from an actual bcliberals.ca address, could have easily been mistaken for the work of a teenager on a gossip website.

What audience could they be trying to appeal to?

Calling the leader of the BC NDP  “Say Anything John” has the same ring to it as Donald Trump’s “Crooked Hillary” attack.

On Monday, the Liberals smeared a bisexual NDP candidate for disagreeing with his party’s policy, painting him at a hypocrite because he’s a gay guy who resentfully benefited from affirmative action.

And last weekend, NDP leader John Horgan decided to “SELL OUT PUBLIC SAFETY” by contemplating the idea of selling weed in liquor stores. He only entertained that thought because he was greased by a six-figure donation from a pot lobby group, say the Liberals, who cash six-figure cheques from casinos, liquor lobbies and big pharmaceutical companies.

If the Liberals Party is a stronger government with better ideas than the NDP, then they should make their insults witty and compelling. These jibes are bush league.

On the other hand, Horgan thinks he’s going to win by taking the high road and refrain from name calling and petty insults.

That’s a pretty bold strategy. Adrian Dix, Tom Mulcair and Hillary Clinton all took the high road in their last campaigns. Horgan might be overestimating the value of good manners.

Dan Walton


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